Information on the current research on Duchenne Myscular Dystrophy
Dear Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy patients, families and friends, during many year Dr. Guenter Scheuerbrandt has made reports on the various therapies that were investigated around the world. Dr. Scheuerbrandt has made a tremendous work of reporting these researches to you by direct e-mail. Unfortunately, he has now reached 83 years and his health is not as good as it used to be. He has thus asked to to take over this task. He will be a difficult person to replace since he was devoted all his available time to that task. Dr. Scheuerbrandt has asked me to replace him because I have been involved in cell therapy and gene therapies of neuromuscular diseases since 1987. I have opted for a different form of report, i.e., a web site that could be updated on a regular basis by the researchers doing the investigation. This way they will be able to modify their own summary as soon as they have new significant results. Moreover since they are the experts in the field their summary will be more accurate than if I was doing it myself. I will send you a e-mail to alert you when changes will be made on some of the potential treatments so that you will be reminded to look at the web site. There is important progress being made for many potential therapies and hopefully treatments able to slowdown or stop the progression of the disease will be developed soon.

Jacques P. Tremblay, PhD
Molecular Medecine Department
Faculty of Medicine 
Laval University
Quebec, QC, Canada

Prof. Jacques Tremblay - PHD
ICGT President

Marcello Bossois - MD
ICGT IT Assistant

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